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MommyCon DC 2015
Local events celebrate National Breastfeeding Month in Metro DC
Meet new Mindful Healthy Life contributor Joanna Eddy!
Giving ourselves the gift of grace on Mother’s Day

MommyCon DC 2015

The DC Convention Center filled with hundreds of parents, many wearing their little ones, to attend MommyCon last month. MommyCon is a natural and organic boutique style conference that attracts local and corporate vendors and parents hoping to learn, shop and win some swag! After coming to nearby Philadelphia for the past few years, MommyCon made its DC debut this year in August. Read More

Local events celebrate National Breastfeeding Month in Metro DC

Last week was World Breastfeeding Week, and August is National Breastfeeding Month. My family and I celebrated by attending a local Big Latch On Event. The Big Latch (or BLO) on is an event that takes place on the first days of World Breastfeeding Week where moms go to latch their babies at the same time to be counted in a world-wide total. The goal each year is to host enough breastfeeding moms to break the previous record. Tallies for this year have exceeded 9,000. In Northern Virginia alone, there were at least three BLO events. In DC, the month will close out with the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington‘s annual Breastival.  Read More

Meet new Mindful Healthy Life contributor Joanna Eddy!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our Mindful Healthy Life team, Joanna Eddy, of Holistic Mothering Group, a lactation consultant practice which serves families in Northern Virginia.
Joanna penned our lovely Mother’s Day post about moms having patience with themselves and will be writing on a variety of topics, including breastfeeding. We’re introducing her today to learn a little more about what she does professionally and as a mom.
Jessica: First tell us about the ages of your children and when you got started as a lactation consultant.
Joanna: I actually began my lactation journey before having children of my own. After serving as both a birth and postpartum doula, I recognized the need for offering more lactation based support. To better assist my clients, I wanted to learn all that I could about breastfeeding. In doing so, I not only uncovered my passion, but I truly feel that I have found the best way for me to support others within my community and beyond.
Shortly after becoming an IBCLC, I had my first daughter (now 3.5 years old). Immediately, we faced breastfeeding challenges when a hemorrhage left me without colostrum. Through the amazing support from husband, my LC sisters, and close friends and family, my daughter and I were able to overcome our issues and breastfeed until my next daughter was born almost three years later. She is 9 months olds and, again, we faced some breastfeeding issues and needed support. I think that my experiences only further validate how essential breastfeeding support is.

Read More

Giving ourselves the gift of grace on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s easy to feel challenged and maybe even a little cynical, especially if you’re feeling underappreciated or unsuccessful in parenting, or both. This is hard work, and there are really no promotions! I loved the pie graph of what moms really want for Mother’s Day at Babble.com and “What Moms Really Mean When they Say They Don’t Want Anything for Mother’s Day” from Scary Mommy. (Hint: they both talk a lot about sleep and not a lot about bling).

Last year at this time, I ran a piece featuring local moms and their thoughts about the day. Recently, after reading something Joanna Eddy of the Holistic Mothering lactation consultant practice had to say about mommy self-judgment, I asked if she would elaborate in this year’s Mother’s Day guest post. Here are Joanna’s inspiring words: Read More

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