Sharing the Vision: Robin Shirley on Take Back Your Health Conference

We here at Mindful Healthy Life wanted to hear from Take Back Your Health Conference founder Robin Shirley in her own words about the path of TBYH, which she founded in 2011, and her vision for the future. She was kind enough to share her thoughts in today’s guest post.

“This is my eighth conference, and I am so thrilled to have been able to grow it into a successful event. robin cactus (1)

Take Back Your Health means so many things to me, but above all, it means to take back your ability to enjoy life – to be healthy in all areas: your physical, mental, emotional health, your relationships, and your financial and spiritual health.

It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a fun one! It’s really important to me that people understand how enjoyable and healthy this lifestyle can be, which is why I work so hard to make the conference fun. Our speakers are entertaining and helpful for those who are trying to make healthy changes. The exhibitors and food vendors offer delicious foods and useful resources. We offer yoga and meditation classes so people can stay grounded and loose throughout the event.

We cover topics like sustainable and “green” living, integrative nutrition, spiritual health, fitness and movement, family health, naturopathic medicine, detoxification, supplementation, organic gardening and more.

With each conference, I have been slowly moving towards a focus on chronic illness and family health. I got into this line of work because of my own history with chronic illness as a child and teenager. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme Disease derailed my life. I couldn’t participate in the life that teenagers are expected to have in our culture. On top of the physical and mental (depression) symptoms, I was dealing with the feelings that go along with feeling different, strange, deformed, disabled, ruined, and every other feeling a teenager may have when they are dealing with a physically disfiguring disease.


It’s a difficult situation for any family to be in, and I want to support those families with real solutions. So many people are reducing their symptoms of chronic illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer and Lyme disease. Thanks to lifestyle changes I have made, including nutrition, stress reduction, movement, mindfulness and sleep, I’ve reversed much of the disfigurement that doctors said was permanent. And I know how to run my own company and support myself. I never thought that would be possible based on the doctor’s’ prognosis and my physical symptoms.

It is possible to feel better and enjoy your life the way you used to; it just takes adjustment.

Take Back Your Health gives you the tools to make those adjustments and ultimately get your life back.”

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Many thanks to Robin for giving us this insight into her process!

For an overview of the conference, see our At-A-Glance post. For full details and to register to attend, visit the conference website.

Mindful Healthy Life is proud to be a media partner for the Take Back Your Health Conference.

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