Mindful Healthy Life of Metro DC eBook Guide to Holistic Family Living

We are so excited to have released our first eBook to help parents in Metro DC find the resources they need to be healthy and well!

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Our resource directory is already a tremendous source of information for parents. Now we’ve packaged it up in one easy-to-read eBook and have added lots of other terrific information on annual events, places to check out, activities to try and other goodies.

The eBook is available as a FREE download for anyone who has subscribed to our email list.

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The latest edition of the eBook came out in early May 2017. A revision is in the works for fall 2017.

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An eBook revision due out in Fall 2017 is currently in the works. New entries should be received by September 1.

How can you be sure Mindful Healthy Life readers know about your business or organization?

Get into our online resource directory and ensure a spot in any future eBook editions by entering yourself into our online resource directory! Click on “Submit a Listing,” the left-most green button and put in your details. Then you’ll be in our system!

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