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Call for Winter Events & Gift Guide Items
Exercises to Heal Postpartum Muscular Imbalances

Call for Winter Events & Gift Guide Items

It’s easy to tell from the cold morning temps that winter is on its way. With the end of Daylight Savings Time November 1, the days will be feeling a lot shorter. So even though the leaves are still gorgeously colorful here in Metro DC, it’s time to start thinking ahead to winter.

We here at Mindful Healthy Life are putting together a list of Winter Activities to appeal to healthy- and natural-minded families. Post outdoor activities, nature craft workshops, healthy living talks and demos and conferences in our calendar. Once they are there, we will add them to our compilation, and we just might share them on our Facebook page, too! If you have a list of a bunch of events, you can also send them to us so we can add them easily to our compilation.

As holidays and the New Year approach, we also want to promote local and sustainable companies in our first Green & Healthy Gift Guide. Send us your suggestions for locally-sourced food, skincare, eco-art, toys, clothing and other green-minded or health-promoting — or healthfully delicious! — goodies to info (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com by November 24 or reach out to us via Facebook.

Exercises to Heal Postpartum Muscular Imbalances

A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy that linger after baby arrives.  Muscular imbalances contribute to the random aches and pains that creep up postpartum.  Many of these pains can be traced back to pelvis misalignment.

In this guest post, personal trainer Sara Lewis of Mix Fitness in Northern Virginia shares some common postpartum alignment issues to be aware of and exercises to correct them. Read More

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