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Packages to increase exposure for events, businesses, and organizations and local leaders in the fields of health, wellness and parenting.

Natural-minded parents in Metro DC want resources, opportunities and connections that align with their values. Mindful Healthy Life connects them to the best our area has to offer for health & wellness, mindful parenting, and eco-friendly activities. Make sure parents find you!

Become a Partner ButtonContribute to a a greater awareness of the many approaches to a healthy lifestyle and the local resources to support it. Together, let’s increase the visibility of holistic family living in Metro DC! For collaboration and exposure beyond the a la carte services listed below, we also offer Partnership Opportunities.

Mindful Healthy Life provides unique exposure opportunities for your business, organization or brand

We offer many a la carte services that will help local parents find you and learn what you have to offer!

Read on for more details and let us know how we can work together!

Email jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com to set up a conversation to discuss our collaboration!


Listings and Sponsored Posts

Event Promotion

How to promote your Metro DC parenting, health, wellness or natural living event on Mindful Healthy Life

small flowerCalendar listing: Free. Click the green button that says “+Post Your Event”

small flowerBoosted Mention on our Facebook page

small flowerSidebar ad 300 x 300

small flowerPromotional Blog Post to run before an event

small flowerEvent Recap Blog Post to run after an event

small flowerTwitter & Instagram posts

small flowerTwitter parties

small flowerReviews, Profiles & Giveaways

FAQ promo and recap

Blog post fees vary per length of piece, size/scope of event, Facebook Boosting and other factors.

Request a Rate Sheet:  jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com.

We occasionally consider in-kind arrangements, i.e. goodie bag inserts, exhibit table, event sponsorship, program ads, cross-promotion, etc.

All event blog post packages must include at least one complimentary admission for a Mindful Healthy Life writer and additional admission for events that run longer than five hours.

Click here for our FAQ explaining the difference between a promo piece and a recap piece.



Logo Listings

How to showcase your business or organization in Mindful Healthy Life’s directory & eBook

Our eBook for Metro DC parents “Guide to Holistic Family Living” includes hundreds of resources! Make sure you are not left out!

You can add yourself to our Resource Directory online now. Just click “Submit a Listing,” the left-most green button.

The eBook has now eclipsed the Resource Directory in content and will be the focus of Mindful Healthy Life resource additions going forward.

Update November 2017: New listings have closed at least until the December 2018 eBook revision is complete. Future opportunities will be listed on this site as they become available. Sponsorship inquiries are welcome.Opportunities that were available this fall were the following:

Reach out to jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com before October 30 (extended deadline) if you want to

  • ensure that your listing is included in the fall 2017 edition of the eBook
  • upgrade to a Logo Listing in the eBook

Logo Listing

  • eBook: Enhanced listings in the eBook will be in bold and include a small logo. Business/organization names will also appear on a special thank you page at the beginning of the eBook. Deadline for inclusion in the fall 2017 edition has closed.Mindful Healthy Life eBook Guide to Holistic Family Living cover



Background on the eBook

Mindful Healthy Life of Metro DC published its first Guide to Holistic Family Living eBook in fall 2016 with a second edition in spring 2017. The contents drew from our Resource Directory with lots of additional information. The eBook is a unique compendium of the resources natural-minded parents in Metro DC care about most.

This tremendous resource with several hundred listings by category is available for free to all Mindful Healthy Life subscribers, as described initially here.

Subscribe to our email list to be the first to get our news and follow us on Facebook.

If you work with a business or organization or are planning an event, make sure it’s included in this fabulous resource!

See our Partnerships page for additional exposure opportunities in the eBook and on Mindful Healthy Life online.

Sponsored Blog Posts

How to showcase your business or organization on Mindful Healthy Life through sponsored blog posts

Sponsored Blog Posts for a business, practitioner, organization, service or product are intended to promote engagement with a brand. A Sponsored Post might:

  • explain who you are and/or what you do, especially if you are new to the area or have shifted your practice
  • describe a modality you have just introduced, a new service you are providing or a renovation you’ve made to your space
  • review a new product you’ve just released

Sponsored post prices vary depending on your needs and the resources necessary to complete the piece.

  • You write the post and provide imagesFAQ sponsored posts
  • You answer questions for a Q&A post and provide images
  • We write the post

In all cases, extra fees apply if we have to furnish or assist with images.

Request a Rate Sheet:  jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com



 Content Packages for Experts

Mindful Healthy Life gives you a wider platform

Are you looking to share your expertise beyond your own website? Mindful Healthy Life can help you get your message to the people who want to hear it!

Writing posts on our site gives you the chance to show the community what you know and also to show our readers that you are a real person who is accessible and approachable. If you don’t love talking about yourself on your own site, or if you don’t even want to bother with a blog on your own website, this is a perfect solution!

Even if you already have a blog or articles on your site, anything you publish there is on your own site, which never feels the same to a potential client/customer/patient as when she or he sees you outside your “home.”

When you write here on Mindful Healthy Life, you are contributing to a community resource. That looks really good to your clientele! And you can share links to these pieces several times over many months, even years, so they have a much more longer-lasting effect than a single ad.

Guest Blog Posts

Mindful Healthy Life is publish one-time Guest Blog posts from local parents

We accept selected guest posts from local DC-area parents. Upon review and being provided with images, we publish for free narratives about parenting, stories of healing journeys, reviews of products or services, or any number of other approaches.

Those who have a business or represent an organization may write guest posts in exchange for certain types of in-kind exposure, as a sponsored post as described above.

For more information about guest posts, see our Submission Guidelines

Guest posts must be already edited and formatted with images and links. If you need writing coaching support, contact us for fees or collaboration opportunities. If your completed post needs editing or formatting beyond 25 minutes of our time, editing fees apply.

Content Expert Posts & Columns

Mindful Healthy Life gives Content Experts a wider platform

For content area experts who have several quality posts they want to share with our readers, we offer several packages, depending on the writing support and layout support you need.

Content experts get a two-sentence bio at the end of each post that will link back to our Contributors page where you can have a photo and logo and a longer bio of up to 170 words.

Posts should be 400-1200 words and include several quality links.

Email to request pricing for Content Expert columns: jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com

Collaborations and other in-kind exposure opportunities available.

For more information on event promotion and sponsored & guest posts, see our FAQ page

Consulting and Strategy Services

Looking for consulting services to get support with writing, event promotion or marketing and outreach strategy?

Do you need additional support in crafting your message or reaching your desired audience?

Jessica Claire Haney, Mindful Healthy Life Founder, Publisher and Editor, offers a variety of content and strategy consulting services, including

  • media and marketing strategy
  • brand advising
  • event promotion
  • blog coaching
  • writing coaching
  • copywriting
  • editing
  • proofreading

To learn more, visit

Partnerships and Sponsorships

How else can a business or organization work with — and get exposure on — Mindful Healthy Life?

Mindful Healthy Life has welcomed the support of businesses and organizations that want to support this site.

Partners are known as supporting the work of Mindful Healthy Life and helping achieve our shared aim of increasing the visibility of holistic family living in Metro DC.

Partnerships through October 2017 included an eBook Logo Listing as described above, plus:

    • Inclusion on Special Offers page in front of eBook (if desired)
    • Logo on online Partners page
    • Social media mentions

For more information, see our Partnership Opportunities page.

Become a Partner Button

Update November 2017: New partnerships are not currently being accepted while the eBook revision is underway.

New opportunities will be shared on this page as they are made available after its release in mid-December.


Inquiries about site sponsorship and higher levels of collaboration are welcome at any time. Email jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com

I look forward to hearing from you!




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