Tuckahoe Elementary School shares its Discovery Garden

Tuckahoe Elementary hosted the February Arlington Public Schools (APS) School Garden Meetup with a presentation on bringing the outdoors into the classroom and winterizing an outdoor education program followed by a guided tour of the school’s award-winning Discovery Garden. This April cold snap is keeping these tips relevant well into spring!

APS parents have been organizing monthly School Garden Meetups since June 2015 as a way to continue the momentum of the April 2015 Growing Green Schools event and to provide parents and teachers opportunities to share and learn from one another. The discussion and tour of Tuckahoe inspired lots of ideas and enthusiasm.

The presentation was hosted by fourth grade teacher Ms. Kathy Payne and was organized by S.T.E.A.M. teacher and Outdoor Learning Coordinator Margaret Egan.

Tuckahoe’s Discovery Schoolyard Program grew out of the vision and efforts of the wider school community to integrate outdoor-based learning through the curricula. In 2004, the Outdoor Classroom was designated as an Exemplary Project by APS and as such is supported by a staff position, Outdoor Learning Coordinator, currently held by Margaret Egan. Her main focus is on facilitating educational uses of the schoolyard in a variety of ways, including support for teachers and direct class instruction. Another aspect to her position is developing and conducting lessons connecting  S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) to outdoor learning.

Last year all classes cycled through working with Ms. Egan, scheduled like art, music and other specials. This year, she is working a “Schoolyard Stewards” program. Each Monday, three groups of 10 students students at a time discuss nature-related topics during lunch and then go outside to perform yard chores, taste foods that are growing and otherwise engage with the Discovery Gardens.

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard peter rabbit garden

At the meeting, which included parents, children and teachers from APS, Alexandria’s school garden coordinator, and a representative from Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), Margaret shared these Easy Tips for Bringing Nature into the Classroom:

  • put up nature posters (e.g. tree or bird ID)
  • have field guides available
  • assign optional HW such as ‘notice the clouds’
  • use nature-based concept for things you do anyway (e.g. writing prompt, read aloud, class discussion)
    keep an eye out for kid-friendly nature based resources online and bookmark them for easy access. Use as enriching fillers, such as at the end of the day. One favorite: Cornell Lab Feederwatch
  • plan ahead by saving materials in the fall for winter use (e.g. flower heads with seeds inside, pressed leaves – can be laminated – for leaf rubbings, dried grasses)
  • bring in a veggie or fruit for students to taste (e.g. jicama, canned sliced beets, parsley, a cucumber, freeze dried strawberries…) Notice the structure (seeds, layers…), discuss where the food grows, which animals would eat it, and how it tastes!
  • have nature-themed coloring pages, puzzles, or games (e.g. Bird Bingo)  available
  • bring nature observations into conversation (I noticed an interesting bird this morning. Did anyone notice that the moon was out this morning…)
  • pick an animal for the day by flipping pages in a field guide and having a student randomly stick a finger in a page. Students like to play this in pairs too.
  • research extremes (biggest bug, smallest fish, fastest bird, tallest tree, oldest animal…)
  • force a bulb in winter
  • model respect for living things – Have a classroom bug cup and/or bug net for rescuing bugs (For flying bugs, stay calm, turn off all lights, open a window, and wait – they usually take a moment to orient then head for the brightest light and go out.

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard Explore Virginia 4th grade classroom

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard Margaret Egan presentation

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard Margaret Egan presentation 2

Tuckahoe participates in the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) Plot Against Hunger program.

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard plot against hunger AFAC

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard AFAC plot against hunger

The back of the school building has a log cabin and a large mural of the Piedmont region of Virginia, which was drawn by Tuckahoe teachers and painted by Yorktown High School students. This section of the schoolyard includes a “Colonial Village.” The school has a Colonial Day every year.Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard colonial village

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard piedmont painting

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard piedmont and seating

The side of the building is quite long and juts up against a residential neighborhood. Here there is a gazebo, picnic tables and other seating areas amid expanses of grass, a greenhouse, a butterfly garden, a Peter Rabbit garden, and more classroom garden beds.

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard greenhouse and peter rabbit garden

Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard greenhouse and seating   Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard peter rabbit garden and greenhouse   Tuckahoe Elementary Discovery Schoolard butterfly garden

Tuckahoe is in a unique position with its focus on outdoor learning. Tuckahoe also has a PTA-funded part-time Schoolyard Assistant position, currently held by Andrea Kaplowitz, who brings expertise in gardening and landscaping that is vital for maintaining and improving the outdoor classrooms.  Community support is essential to the schoolyard program, and Ms. Egan and Ms. Kaplowitz promote volunteer opportunities, including several garden workdays, weekly (in spring and fall) student Schoolyard Stewards projects, and support Boy Scout and Girl Scout projects in the schoolyard.

The Tuckahoe PTA puts on a spring Home & Garden Tour to raise funds for the Discovery Schoolyard. This year, that event will take place on Saturday, May 14, 12-5 p.m. Details are at http://tuckahoetour.org/about-the-tour/

Click here for a flyer about volunteering in the Tuckahoe Discovery Schoolyard, including the next work day on April 30 and click here to join an email list about supporting Tuckahoe’s Discovery Schoolyard.

APS School Garden Meetups have taken place this winter/spring at the Career Center greenhouse and at Thomas Jefferson Middle School’s Community Garden and in the fall of 2015 at Campbell, Patrick Henry and Abingdon Elementary Schools. The first APS School Garden Meetup took place in June 2015 at Jamestown Elementary.

The next APS School Garden Meetups will be

  • Monday, May 2, 4-5 p.m. at Carlin Springs Elementary School
  • Monday, June 13, 4-5 p.m. at Williamsburg Middle School

To receive the ComPOST e-newsletter for the APS School Garden Meetup, go to http://eepurl.com/bS17oP

For questions, or to host a School Garden Meetup, email GrowingGreenSchools@gmail.com

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