“Thinking Outside of the Box” Radical Rejuvenation workshop July 27

Elaine Gibson of Renewed Living is holding the third of her “Radical Rejuvenation” workshops later this month on the topic of “Thinking Outside the Box.”

These workshops take place quarterly at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner and include inspirational talks, networking and a healthy lunch.

The “seasonal whole-life overhaul” workshop series asks:

What parts of your life would you like to overhaul? Your health and wellness? Your mental and emotional wellbeing? What about your business and work life?

Sure, you could spend weeks, even months, going to workshop after workshop, each one with a narrow focus on just one tiny aspect of your life, or you can join me and my expert guests for the Radical Rejuvenation Workshops and revitalize your body,mind and work life holistically.
Every piece of your life works together to help you find balance.

The workshops are designed for those who want to

  • revitalize their physical, mental, emotional, and even career, health, and wellbeing.
  • create harmony between all areas of their life.
  • learn from experts in the fields of leadership, mindfulness, and Extraordinary Living.
  • enjoy good food and learn to make more money.

Learn more about Elaine, her health coaching and these workshops in our past posts about the February and May events.

Elaine says, “Once you find your voice and use it to make better choices in all areas of your life, living a healthy lifestyle and working on finding your inner strength and soul, you suddenly start to make more money, achieve greater health and increase your impact in the world. You begin to renew your health, feeling happier, more filled with joy, and closer to the true person you really are.”

She aims for the workshop to “change the way you see food, business, mental wellness, emotional stability, healthy living and so much more.”

In addition to Elaine’s presentation, featured speakers at the July workshop include Mali Phonpadith of the SOAR Community Network and Maimah Karmo of the Tigerlily Foundation.

“Think and Live Outside the Box” with Mali

As human beings, we’ve learned how to adapt to our environment. To “survive” we’ve been taught to be cautious and to follow the status quo – doing things based on what keeps us feeling “safe” or perhaps what others believe to be “normal” and acceptable. Over time we begin to feel that living our lives based on passed down formulas or mimicking others is not very satisfying and in fact, quite unfulfilling. Isn’t it time to map our own paths, trust our inner compass and learn to S.O.A.R?


  • Mapping matters! Uncover what’s yours to do in the world
  • How to let go of the need to please or fit in
  • Ways to break the mode and live life on your terms
  • Learn how to trust your instincts, dance to your own rhythm and live in flow
“Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose” with Maimah

Thinking Out of the Box requires us to assess what we have been told and taught – generationally and through our life experiences. Thinking Outside the Box requires a paradigm shift – from the core of our human being. Maimah will talk about how she didn’t just “Think Out of the Box”, but how she dis-created any and all boxes that she was born into or learned.

In her talk, she’ll share how she found her Soul’s Purpose and how she “Became Her Own Unicorn.” Through three wars, being hit by lightning, breast cancer, and many life challenges, her paradigm for living and seeing the world has enabled her to create an inner compass that enables her to create and live a life she loves… and she will share these unique tools that will help you to do the same!


  • Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Being Your Own Unicorn
  • Defining Your Life’s Vision
  • Your Tribe & Your Toolkit
  • Leading with Love
  • Your Feelings As Your Inner Compass

The event runs from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 27. Register at Eventbrite and use the code “Renew” for $10 off.

Mindful Healthy Life is proud to collaborate with these workshops as an event sponsor.

Also note that Mali is organizing the SOAR Community Summit on October 27: “Where Legacy Driven Leaders Come to SOAR in Business and in Life.” 

Jessica Claire Haney is the founder, publisher and editor of Mindful Healthy Life and was the founder and a longtime leader of the Arlington/Alexandria Chapter of Holistic Moms Network. Jessica is a writer who is working on her first novel. She also offers copywriting, editing, writing coaching and holistic business consulting services. Learn more at JessicaClaireHaney.com. Jessica volunteers on issues related to wellness in public schools, as described in her Mindful Healthy Life Q&A. Follow her on Facebook at on Facebook at MindfulHealthyLife, on @Twitter @MindfulHealthy and on Instagram at @mindfulhealthy. Her personal blog is Crunchy-Chewy Mama, on Facebook at CrunchyChewyMama and tweeting @CrunchyChewy.


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