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Update July 2017: I’m now accepting guest posts for late October 2017 through February 2018.

For publication before Thanksgiving, send ideas August 15 and completed posts  – including photos – by September 15.

For publication in December, January or February, send ideas by September 15 and completed posts by October 15.

All guidelines below in the original post still apply. Please read it in full.

Summer has its own rhythm. This year, I’m hoping to respect its fluidity, my kids’ needs, and my health needs a little more and so am seeking to spotlight some terrific guest posts from local parents to fill up our content calendar. What story do you have to share with Mindful Healthy Life readers this summer?

Maybe you have been wanting to write up your birth story. Or you have a success or challenge in your health journey that could benefit others. Or maybe there’s a terrific excursion you took with your kids last summer that every local parent should try this year. If you took a class or tried a new a modality and want to glow about it, here’s your chance. I am open to anything that will enrich the lives – and summers! – of Mindful Healthy Life readers.

I hope you’ll consider writing for the site this summer. I’m seeking to publish several posts from local parents with something to share about natural living, holistic parenting or family wellness. That includes nature explorations, home “camps,” and forays into any kind of intentional living, be it related to compassion, spirituality, or mindfulness, or to health, nutrition, or sustainability.

So if you’ve been wanting to share your story about anything related to parenting or self-care or eco-friendly living or any topic our readers might be interested in, this is your chance!

Please email me by June 5 with your idea so I know to expect your post and can plan when to publish it. I’ll also send you some guidelines for length and format. Write to jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com

I will then need to have all completed posts, with photos and links by June 16 so I can format them and schedule them to post through the summer.

Posts that have been previously published may be published with new introductions – provided permission is granted – and may include links to the original.

This call for submissions is only for parents local to DC who are writing posts that do not relate to their own business.

Business links may be included in the author’s bio, but if the post actually talks about the author’s business, that would instead be a sponsored post, which I’m happy to publish per the fee guidelines described here.

Posts by parents who used to live in DC are welcome as long as they provide insight on something local or are a personal story that does not relate to a business.

Posts that are not about DC-area living and are submitted by people who are not local will be considered only for sponsored posts.

I can’t wait to see what you have to share and to help you share it!

Jessica Claire Haney is the founder, publisher and editor of Mindful Healthy Life and was the founder and a longtime leader of the Arlington/Alexandria Chapter of Holistic Moms Network. Jessica is a writer and editor who is working on her first novel. Find information about her writing, about the editing and business consulting services she offers, and about her upcoming spring 2017 appearances at local events at JessicaClaireHaney.comJessica also volunteers on issues related to wellness in public schools. Her personal blog is Crunchy-Chewy Mama, on Facebook at For more information, see Jessica’s Mindful Healthy Life Q&A.


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