Mother’s Day 2016: Reflections from local moms

The day is almost here when people will be posting images on social media of flowers and chubby-cheeked hugs and all kinds of joy for Mother’s Day. When we are feeling awesome about our parenting and our daughtering, and when we’re feeling like our cups are full with support from loved ones, our community, or something greater, these images warm hearts. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to see past the laundry and runny noses and night wakings.

So, as in 2014, I asked some local moms who work with or on behalf of moms to share their reflections on this holiday. Some shared two years ago, and some I’ve only met since then. What I wanted to know was: What does Mother’s Day mean to you? How do you hope to celebrate it and how do you expect to celebrate it? Here’s what they had to say!

Pleasance Silicki, founder of lil omm yoga and author of Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy & Ease
So what do I want? The understanding to continue grieving my mom on Mother’s Day, the opportunity to indulge, and hearing my sweet boys express their love and gratitude.
small flower
Pamm Werthman Fontana of More Green For Less Green blog
We decided not to celebrate mother’s and father’s days within our family. For us, all of those little add-on days just put my husband and me over the edge. It’s part of what we choose to say no to so that we have the space to say yes to other things.


Someday when the kids are old enough to plan or do something on their own, that would be lovely. The grandparents like low-key celebrations, and we do want to honor that desire, but thankfully there isn’t pressure for it to be on that specific Sunday.
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Katie Kuchlbauer Cavanaugh, an organizer of Creative Chicks with Babes , contributor to Mindful Healthy Life and blogger at The Life Adventures of Mrs. C
I have a hard time being honest with my feelings. I say I love you, how are you and give lots of hugs and I mean them, but I don’t like to invite those deep conversations that may be filled with angst, pain or speaking the real truth. Mother’s Day has always been a day for me to take a moment and realize why these deep, meaningful conversations are important. How life is precious. How these first years as a new mom are so exciting for me, but also hard as it marks one less year I will get to spend with my own mom here on Earth as we both grow older.
Katie with daughter
So Mother’s Day for me is an emotional challenge to express my love and thought beyond a simply “I love you.” A chance to be real with my mom, a chance to journal what my life is like as a mom this year for my daughter. An opportunity for me to reach out, stretch and dig a little deeper into myself, into my family and what it means to be a mom.
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Jaclyn Perovich, Au Pair Consultant and organizer of Baby Talk: Pre/Post-Baby Event May 7
What Mother’s Day means to me: it’s a day that I can forget all the craziness in my life with work, IEP meetings, bills, and just enjoy my little family.
Jacklyn family photo
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Tara Casagrande, owner of Ease Yoga & Cafe
From her longer CuriositEase blog post, “Motherhood”: Motherhood stretches me and often takes me outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much about myself through raising our children. Being a mom is what I have always wanted. The times I enjoy it the most is when I slow down, exhale and let go. Getting wiser by the year.
Tara and kids
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Cathy Burke of Evolve Yoga Beyond the Mat
I thought I knew what love was.
I loved my own mother more than I thought possible, when she passed away I realized that I loved her even more.
When I became a mother myself, I finally knew what love was…and had an appreciation of the fierce love my own mother had for me.
My greatest joy is sharing this affection with my own daughter. Seeing her eyes light up when she first experiences something, sharing her pain when she’s hurt and watching her beam when she’s worked hard for something and realized her goal. The jumbled emotions of fear, love, compassion, hope and gratitude are sometimes so intense that I feel like my heart might burst. I want to be a better person and make the world a better place on her behalf.
I think the hardest part will be letting her go, little by little as she grows, to become her own person. She is still a part of me, and I of her, and I hope that will always be, but I know as she spreads her wings I will have to make space for her to soar – and that is the most bittersweet joy I can imagine.
Drawing heart in the sand

See the Mindful Healthy Life 2014 Mother’s Day post for more from local moms.

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Jessica Claire Haney is the founder, publisher and editor of Mindful Healthy Life. She is a writer and editor and the founder of theArlington/Alexandria chapter of Holistic Moms Network. Her personal blog is Crunchy-Chewy Mama and her writer’s site is See the Team Mindful Healthy Life page andJessica’s Mindful Healthy Life Q&A for more on Jessica.

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