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Thank you for your interest in working with Mindful Healthy Life!

Mindful Healthy Life founder, publisher and editor Jessica Haney is looking for inspired and motivated interns who want to help the site reach its full potential!

As someone who has been a community organizer in the area of holistic parenting for eight years, I can provide a unique look into the place where grassroots organizing meets niche marketing. As a writer and editor who has taught at the secondary and college levels, I have a lot of mentoring to offer interns who bring specific areas of expertise and a desire to gain real-world experience making big impact on a small business.

  • Social media interns will have the opportunity to tailor their expertise to a particular community. The intern will work collaboratively with me and with the Mindful Healthy Life team of contributors to develop and implement a strategy that will dramatically increase the reach of Mindful Healthy Life.
  • Interns seeking to become communications experts are invited to become site editors, content writers, and outreach experts.
  • Students of graphic design can utilize their skills in developing marketing materials on the small end, on the more expansive end, to putting forth enhanced branding images and even website redesign. Those with an interest in public relations can help develop a broader outreach strategy.
  • For business interns, the site is ripe for business development strategy. We can work together to develop strategy together. Mindful Healthy Life is also open to being a case study for a class. Interns with a particular interest in sales can help develop an advertising and sponsorship strategy and a media kit.
  • Interns with strengths in organization and administration have important roles to play to streamline processes, protocols and communications.
  • In the area of website development, there are many opportunities for interns to take on editing roles and to advise on overall site organization and strategy. Mindful Healthy Life, launched with SeaShell theme in April 2014, would like to undergo a complete redesign and would be a great case study for analysis and experience marrying strategy and design with functionality.

An internship with Mindful Healthy Life will provide a rich, real-world experience for anyone seeking to build a resume with social media and writing experience.

Short-term internships of two weeks to three months are available for interns local to Northern Virginia/Metro DC. Some work can be done remotely after initial in-person collaboration.

Longer-term partnerships more akin to a virtual assistantship can be cultivated with a minimum commitment of three months.

Tasks at a glance:

Social Media

  • Establish and maintain a strong presence – and increase audience – for Mindful Healthy Life on Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrate email newsletter with various platforms. Expand and maximize readership
  • Provide training on maximizing Twitter, Facebook and other platforms
  • Establish and maintain presence for Mindful Healthy Life on Pinterest, Instagram and possibly other platforms
  • Assist with maximizing LinkedIn, Google+ and other professional networking platforms
  • Assist with Search Engine Optimization

Web Editing & Development

  • Facility with WordPress including basic text editing and formatting plus formatting and trouble-shooting of widgets and plug-ins, performing updates
  • Patience and ability to train others
  • Strong writing and editing skills and ability to work with guest posters
  • Eventual re-design of site

Graphic Design and Public Relations

  • Assist with creation of print materials for a variety of audiences
  • Advise on branding and eventual re-design of site


  • Assist in answering emails
  • Provide tech support for back-end administration (in-person, using Windows)
  • Run errands: take giveaways to post office, pick up print materials, and perform other personal-assistant-type tasks

Business Development

  • Advise on overall business development strategies and monetizing strategies
  • Assist with procurement of advertisers and sponsors and maintenance of business relationships
  • Provide support/guidance with accounting (and determining requirements for a paid accountant)

In short, Mindful Healthy Life is looking for smart and innovative individuals to help take the site to the next level. For more on the history of the site and its founder, visit our About page.

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Interested in working with the site? Contact jessica (at) mindfulhealthylife (dot) com to inquire about current opportunities. Please include a full description of your background, areas of study, and availability. Resume and references will be requested.


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