Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to MOM’s Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market has been generous enough to donate to Mindful Healthy Life a $50 gift card, which can be used at any of its stores.

For more on MOM’s, please see

Giveaway runs through midnight 11/19 (through the day of Wednesday, November 18).

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  • Mindful Healthy Life is such a great local blog! Of course, a gift card to MOMs would be fantastic (especially for holiday food shopping)! Thx Jessica!

  • We pretty much exclusively shop at MOM’s. They are aligned with our values and their products are of the highest quality! Love that store!

  • MOM’s has become a ritual for us. I know I can get everything I need there. And the employees care, they’re helpful…we know them, they know us.

  • Thanks for offering this giveaway! I’m really like your blog and glad you shared it. I am trying to buy more organic and local products.

  • I am so grateful to have Moms as a local grocer. I love that they don’t market to kids and they pay heir employees well.

  • I like to shop that stores that value using resources that protect or lessen the impact of pollution on the environment. I want to support local businesses and local suppliers by shopping at smaller stores or buying unique, smaller brands that I cannot find in mainstream, larger stores.

  • We really enjoy MOM’s and are so glad that they are opening more stores. The employees are always helpful and they have a large supplement section. They also stock the best frozen cherries in town.

  • I went to the new Mom’s on Friday for their grand opening. Wow! Beautiful store and amazing food at Naked Lunch. So grateful for this little store!

  • MOMs is my go-to store, they have almost everything we need and the staff is always so helpful. I love supporting local businesses!

  • I love that the staff at MOMS market is so helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I also love their return policy. It makes it easy to commit to purchasing products because I know that they will stand by their guarantee if for any reason it doesn’t work for me.

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