NIHA webinar: Upgrade Your Health with INTEGRATIVE SPA THERAPIES

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Julianne O’Dwyer, Health Coach
Darryl Yeagley, Health Coach
Rejuvenation & Detoxification Program
National Integrated Health Associates


Thursday, 7/27


Most of us are constantly bombarded with an increasing amount of toxins from a variety of sources:
• We swallow toxins in food that is not organic and filled with pesticides and mercury from amalgam fillings.
• We drink toxins in water that is unclean, soda and alcohol that is full of sugar and coffee that triggers dehydration.
• We inhale toxins from car exhaust, airplane fumes and household cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients.
• We absorb toxins through our skin from mold or chemicals in our home/office, clothes that have been washed in commercial toxic cleansers, and electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices.
Even if you change your lifestyle going forward with improvements in diet, hydration and digestion, your body still has to rid itself of toxins it has accumulated over many years in order to function optimally! Your body is a marvelous machine and can eliminate much of the “bad stuff” or toxins you encounter in day to day living. But, unfortunately, your body is not invincible and cannot always rely on your own natural mechanisms to remove toxic build-up from your body.
The rise in gut-related health problems such as constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer may signify a build-up of toxins. When waste is not removed from your body, particularly your gut, it can trigger symptoms which affect not only your digestion but energy, sleep, mental focus, immune system, skin and mood.
In this webinar, learn how you can upgrade your health and see significant improvements in health by incorporating state-of-the-art detoxification therapies such as:
· Colon hydrotherapy or colonics: gentle, low-pressure & safe internal cleansing of large intestine or colon with water that washes away toxins
· Infrared sauna: infrared rays penetrate deeply to heat muscular tissues & internal organs which release toxins through sweat glands & skin without burdening liver & kidneys
· Oxygen/ozone steam cabinet: infuses body with oxygen that is catalyst that triggers toxic waste removal
· Foot bath: direct current concentrates energy into footbath water to naturally pull toxins out of body through the pores of feet
· Massage: rhythmic strokes & pressure applied to muscles, tissues & organs stimulate circulatory system which squeezes toxins out
· Reflexology: application of firm pressure to reflex points on feet, hands or ears correspond to specific muscle groups or organs that release toxins

Questions? Contact Julianne O’Dwyer at 202-237-7000


Through NIHA’s Health Essentials Coaching & Wellness Program &
NIHA’s Rejuvenation & Detoxification Program, Julianne & Darryl help clients support their bodies with proper nutrition, hydration, digestion, detoxification and lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on health.
Julianne O’Dwyer is an avid athlete from Colorado & health coach at National Integrated Health Associates. In her journey to wellness, she beat chronic pain, hormone & thyroid imbalances, mercury toxicity, Lyme disease, mononucleosis/epstein barr, sinus congestion, hypoglycemia & depression, she learned how to regain control of health.
She is an event organizer of annual Grow Your Health Gardening, Local Food & Wellness Festival held at Fairfax High School in Fairfax, VA.

Julianne O’Dwyer
Health Coach
National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA)
5225 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20015
202.237.7000 ext 215

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